Jennifer O'Mara for State Representative

Meet Jennifer O'Mara

Jennifer O’Mara believes there is more that unites us than divides us, and she is committed to the idea of government working to serve the people.

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Meet jennifer o'mara

“I’m running to protect the public services that were there for me and my family when we needed it most.”

Jennifer O’Mara believes there is more that unites us than divides us. She is committed to the idea of government working to serve and represent the people. As a member in the State House of Representatives, she will advocate for quality education for our children, affordable healthcare for all, good job opportunities for all skill levels, and the finest care for our veterans. Her dedication to public service is deeply rooted in her own experience, and her ability to deliver practical solutions has been similarly forged by her challenging personal journey.

Jennifer was born in Southwest Philadelphia to a union fireman and a stay-at-home mom. After her father’s death by gun suicide when she was 13 years old, Jennifer and her family moved to Prospect Park in Delaware County. Her mother found a job as a union school bus driver and, thanks to her father’s union pension and important public services, Jennifer’s family was able to stay afloat.

Jennifer attended Interboro High School, where a caring public school teacher recognized her struggles to cope with personal tragedy and encouraged her to channel her energies in a productive direction. Jennifer became a leader in student council, where she discovered her tremendous passion for government. She was elected to serve as a student representative on the Interboro School Board and subsequently attended a leadership camp sponsored by the Pennsylvania Association of Student Council (PASC). A decade later, Jennifer continues to volunteer with PASC by teaching a leadership seminar for student council members at the organization’s statewide leadership training program, and encouraging young women to become involved in government.

As the daughter of a single mother with two younger brothers at home, affording college was a significant challenge. Jennifer worked three part-time jobs and, with the help of financial aid and student loans, she earned a dual degree in history and secondary education from West Chester University and became certified to teach in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

“I believe in government serving the people. We need to bring honest governance back to Harrisburg.”

Jennifer’s friends, family, and community members know her as an action-oriented advocate who is always ready to help others. Jennifer is incredibly hardworking and puts the needs of her community ahead of her own. Jennifer helped her younger brother navigate the financial aid system and earn a degree from Temple University. She also served as an advocate with the Department of Veterans Affairs for her now-husband, Bradford Bitting, a combat veteran and two-time Purple Heart recipient.

Jennifer O’Mara holds a Masters degree in English and history from the University of Pennsylvania, where she has been employed for five and half years. She currently serves as the Assistant Director of University Stewardship, working alongside her colleagues to ensure that attending the University is affordable for students. Jennifer is also a member of the Board of Directors for PASC.

Jennifer and Bradford were married in August 2017 and own a home in Springfield, Pennsylvania, where they reside with their two cats.