Jennifer O'Mara for State Representative


Jennifer O’Mara is committing to improving public education, fighting for working families and unions, and increasing access to health care.

Jennifer O’Mara: On the Issues

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Improving public education

“I’m a certified teacher, and I understand what’s going on in Pennsylvania’s schools. Public school teachers need all of our support for the hard work they’re doing to provide the best education possible for our kids and our communities.”


Access to quality Healthcare

“Healthcare is a human right. I want to ensure that all Pennyslvanians, regardless of race, class, or location, have access to quality care.”

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fighting for working families and unions

“I come from a union family, and I know exactly how important unions are to both members and their families and to all workers. In Harrisburg, I promise to fight for the rights of unions and their workers.”


Protecting seniors and homeowners

"I've been knocking doors for over a year, and every day I hear from seniors that their property taxes are too high, that they need our help. As a legislator, I will fight for my constituents and listen to their voices."

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quality care for our veterans

“I served as an advocate for my husband, Brad, during the Disability Pension Application process at the VA. He served two tours in Afghanistan and has two Purple Hearts, and the services provided by the VA have been essential to our family.”


taking on the harrisburg establishment

“Too many of the Republican legislators are in the pocket of private interest groups. We need a government that represents the people, not the corporations.”


Common sense gun legislation

“Gun deaths in the United States are far, far too high. We need common sense gun control to protect our schools, our families, and our communities.”


supporting women's rights

“Between the #MeToo movement and efforts to restrict a woman’s constitutionally-protected right to choose, women’s equality needs to be a top priority for our legislators in Harrisburg. I want to be an advocate for women’s rights and women’s equality.”

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protecting open space

“We need to be working towards clean and renewable energy across the state. Pennsylvania produces 2% of the entire world’s carbon emissions - we need to take steps now to keep our air and water clean and our communities strong and healthy.”