Jennifer O'Mara for State Representative

Taking On the Harrisburg Establishment


taking on the harrisburg establishment

The current state legislature, held by a Republican majority, has taken advantage of weak campaign finance laws to benefit from massive influxes of dark money, rigged elections through heavily gerrymandered districts, and fought to keep private interests directly involved in politics. Last year, Jennifer's opponent voted against an amendment that would have prevented lobbyists from also acting as political consultants, allowing the interests of private corporations to remain tightly intertwined in politics. Jennifer believes the government should work for the people, and will fight to end the unfair and damaging practices of the Harrisburg establishment.

As a legislator, Jennifer will fight for campaign finance reform, restrictions on lobbyists, and fairly-drawn districts across the state. She knows the importance of a government that is open, honest, and connected to the citizens, and will work hard to ensure the state legislature is one in which all Pennsylvanians -- not just the wealthy few -- feel they have a voice.