Jennifer O'Mara for State Representative

Protecting Seniors and Homeowners


protecting seniors and homeowners

As a new homeowner, Jennifer understands that Pennsylvania residents are faced with skyrocketing real estate taxes used to fund public schools. For first-time homeowners, rising taxes can be devastating and prevent families from fulfilling their American dream and owning their own home. These rising taxes are also detrimental for senior citizens, who live with fixed incomes that do not rise in proportion to increased property taxes. Many seniors, confronted with these rising taxes, are forced to downsize or move in with relatives just to make ends meet. Jennifer will fight to protect the rights of seniors and homeowners in Harrisburg. In 2015, Democrats proposed a severance tax on fracking extraction that would have provided property tax relief to over 200,000 seniors. As a legislator, Jennifer will work to pass this legislation and actively search for more ways to build revenue and protect our hard-working communities.