Jennifer O'Mara for State Representative

Protecting Open Space

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Protecting Open space

Pennsylvania is the only state in the country with a substantial fracking industry that does not have an extraction tax. As a legislator, Jennifer will fight to implement a tax on Marcellus Shale and use the increased revenue to improve schools and welfare programs across Pennsylvania. Jennifer will work to protect the Department of Environmental Protection’s right to regulate the fracking industry and ensure that fracking does not interfere with Pennsylvania’s much-needed green spaces. Jennifer is committed to working with agencies like the Delaware River Basin Commission to ensure fracking is not expanded into the Delaware Basin, and fighting to ensure Pennsylvania retains open green spaces around the Commonwealth.

Jennifer knows that Pennsylvanians deserve clean air, clean water, and sustainable jobs. In Harrisburg, she will work hard to create environmentally-friendly, sustainable jobs in Pennsylvania, fight to transition the state towards increasing renewable energy, and advocate for the rights of Pennsylvania’s union workers to build the state’s pipelines, which has been proven to dramatically increase their safety and quality.