Jennifer O'Mara for State Representative

Meet Jennifer O'Mara

Jennifer O’Mara believes there is more that unites us than divides us, and she is committed to the idea of government working to serve the people.

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Meet Jennifer O’Mara

“I’m running because we need representatives in Harrisburg who will put people over politics.”

Jennifer O’Mara believes there is more that unites us than divides us, and is committed to being part of a government that works to serve the people. As a member in the State House of Representatives, she is committed to improving public education for our children, ensuring access to affordable healthcare, and expanding job opportunities at all skill levels. Her dedication to public service is deeply rooted in her own experience, and her ability to deliver practical solutions has been shaped by her challenging personal journey.

Jennifer is the daughter of a union firefighter. When she was thirteen years old, her father died by gun suicide. Everything changed for Jennifer and her family. They moved to Delaware County and her mother found a job as a school bus driver. Thanks to essential public services, her father’s pension, and her mother’s union job, Jennifer’s family made it through.

“My family made it because of public services that were there for us when we needed it the most.”

After graduating from Interboro High School, Jennifer faced familiar challenges. As the daughter of the single mother with two younger brothers at home, affording college seemed impossible. But, Jennifer supported herself through college by working three jobs and was able to earn a dual degree from West Chester University with the help of financial aid and student loans. Studying history and secondary education, she became a certified teacher.

“I believe in government serving the people. We need to bring honest governance back to Harrisburg.”

Jennifer’s friends, family, and community members know her as an advocate who is always ready to help others. Jennifer is incredibly hardworking and puts the needs of her community ahead of her own. She also served as an advocate with the Department of Veterans Affairs for her now-husband, Bradford Bitting, a combat veteran and two-time Purple Heart recipient.

“When I met Brad, he wasn’t doing anything at the VA. Working together, he received a full disability status and the government support he deserved.”

Jennifer O’Mara holds a Masters degree in English and history from the University of Pennsylvania, where she has been employed for almost seven years. She currently serves as the Assistant Director of University Stewardship, working alongside her colleagues to ensure that attending the University is affordable for students. Jennifer is also a member of the Board of Directors for PASC.

Jennifer and Bradford were married in 2017 and live in Springfield.