Jennifer O'Mara for State Representative

Launch the 165th

Help Jennifer O’Mara Flip the 165th!


help us launch the 165th

We're going to Flip the 165th and elect a Democrat to this seat for the first time in four decades. To do that, we need YOUR help. Join our campaign and to help us Launch the 165th and bring honest governance back to Harrisburg. 

After donating, you will be listed on this website and will receive an invitation to our "Launch the 165th" party in September. We hope you can contribute at one of the listed levels. To receive an invitation, guests must contribute $65 or more.

Special Guests

State Senator Art Haywood; State Representative Mary Jo Daley; State Representative Margo Davidson; State Representative Greg Vitali;  State Representative Tim Briggs; Colleen Guiney, Chair of the Delco Dems; Val Arkoosh, Chair of the Montco Board of Commissioners

launch captains


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Lift-off Leaders


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Sky-Bound Stars


165 for the 165th Graphic Template ($650) (1).png
  • Val Arkoosh, Chair of the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners 
  • Janet Brody
  • Nancy Lovitch and Ed Bleeden
  • Representative Mary Jo Daley
  • Gary Green
  • Bill Madway
  • Robert Paul
  • Paul and Carol Reilly
  • Frances Sherr
  • Judith Weinstein

Blue Rocket Riders


165 for the 165th Graphic Template ($165) (1).jpg
  • Representative Tim Briggs
  • Steffie Buerk
  • Mary Burns
  • Edward and Eileen Clay
  • Ray Courtney
  • Doug and Susan Eagar
  • Daniel Marein Efron
  • Bill Ewing
  • Barbara Ferman
  • Audrey Fingerhood
  • Frankie Franceschini
  • Karin and Chuck Gedge
  • Dan Gordon
  • Karen Grethlein
  • Colleen Guiney, Chair of the Delaware County Democratic Committee 
  • Robert Hess
  • Andrea Koplove
  • Jonathan Lee
  • Stephanie Levin
  • Tammy Meister
  • Connie and Todd Moody
  • Janice Mowery
  • Daniel Muroff
  • Diane Nissen
  • Debbie Pestrak
  • Shelly and Abu Rahman
  • Nursat Rashid
  • Richard Ross
  • Linda and Jonathan Roth
  • Linda Schleifer
  • Joan and Jeffrey Schwartz
  • Laura Siena
  • Deborah Stinnett
  • Jan Swenson and Bill Katz
  • Layla Ware de Luria
  • Allison and Steve Weinkranz
  • John and Kathy Wittenbraker
  • Judy Wicks

Blast-off guests


165 for the 165th Graphic Template ($65).jpg
  • Rachel Amdur
  • Mary Ayres
  • Cheryl Baker
  • Nancy Baulis
  • Helene Bludman
  • Regina Brown
  • Nancy Chernett and Dan Sutton
  • Heidi Cooke
  • George and Alice Day
  • Jessica Diamond
  • Marilyn Lammert
  • Doug Lentz
  • Margie Levinthal
  • David Loewenstein
  • Michael Loewenstein
  • Holly Ramage
  • Mitchell Rothman
  • Christine Russell
  • Mark Singer
  • Tina Stein
  • Susan Swartz
  • Charlotte Swenson
  • Cathy Tullman
  • Representative Greg Vitali
  • Carol Vorcheimer
  • Jill and Howard Zipin