Jennifer O'Mara for State Representative

Fighting for Working Families and Unions


fighting for working families and unions

Both Jennifer’s parents were union members – her father as a firefighter, her mother as a bus driver – and she has experienced firsthand the important role unions play in the lives of their members. The decline of union membership marked the decline of the American middle class, and it was thanks to unions that hard-working Americans won important fights over sick leave, a 40-hour work week, child labor laws, and workplace safety standards. Jennifer strongly supports the rights of unions to organize and collectively bargain for better pay and better standards of living. Ensuring the safety of union members, both physically and from verbal and physical harassment and abuse, is a cornerstone of Jennifer’s campaign. As a legislator, Jennifer will stand against right-to-work legislation that would harm the rights of workers to organize. This right is fundamental to fair labor conditions and must be protected by lawmakers for workers across the state.

Jennifer is also a strong advocate for the importance of job opportunities for workers across the state. As a legislator, she would support the Governor's plan to increase the state minimum wage to $12/hour with a plan to incrementally increase the minimum wage to $15/hour, adjusted or cost-of-living and inflation. This gradual increase will both ensure workers are paid enough to stay afloat, while avoiding increases in unemployment or putting a strain on small business owners.

Beyond raising the minimum wage, Jennifer advocates for strong job training programs, including two-year college programs, to help give Pennsylvanians the skills they need to enter and perform highly in the job market. Jennifer knows the importance of this kind of training for communities across the state, and would advocate for legislation to ensure every citizen has the training and skills they need to succeed.