Jennifer O'Mara for State Representative

Access to Quality Healthcare

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access to quality Healthcare

Jennifer understands that quality healthcare is fundamental to a successful, functioning society. She supports expanding Medicaid and ensuring that Medicaid waiver programs do not limit access to quality care for Pennsylvania’s communities. Jennifer’s opponent voted for a bill that would impose work requirements on Medicaid recipients, a bill which would create a complicated and timely bureaucratic process for Medicaid recipients that the Department of Human Services estimates would cost the state $800 million. Instead, Jennifer advocates for streamlining the waiver process to reduce wait times for essential care, and working towards legislation that would prevent insurance companies from discriminating against people with pre-existing conditions. Jennifer also believes in evidence-based practices within the medical community, while her opponent opposed an amendment that would have ensured healthcare providers use evidence-based practices and provide evidence-based information.

Jennifer will also fight to improve health coverage for Pennsylvanians with disabilities. As the daughter of a chronically-disabled worker and the wife of a severely-disabled veteran, Jennifer knows firsthand the challenges facing those who are disabled. As a legislator, Jennifer will fight to expand the health benefits savings account so people with disabilities can save more than $10,000 without losing their benefits.

Jennifer further recognizes that large steps need to be taken to help treat those with substance use disorders to keep them and their communities safe. Jennifer supports lowering barriers to treatment and ensuring that all communities, including poor and rural communities, have access to high-quality, evidence-based care for those struggling with addiction. Jennifer will advocate for the treatments supported by the American Medical Association to give everyone struggling with opioid addiction the chance to get back on their feet.

Jennifer’s commitment to health extends beyond physical health -- she understands the critical importance of mental health treatment, especially for communities in which it is often inaccessible. The death of Jennifer’s father by gun-suicide when she was 13 showed her firsthand the broken state of mental health treatment in this country, and the essentiality of ensuring everyone has access to care. Jennifer also recognizes the intense stigma surrounding addiction, adding an extra barrier to treatment for those suffering from addiction and other mental health disorders. As a legislator, she will work break the stigma and engage in meaningful conversations about addiction and its effects in order to create meaningful, permanent change.